miércoles, julio 12, 2017


Un suave y constante martilleo en el ambiente.
Las capas de polvo engendran del éter, de lo imperceptible, y hacen tangible el paso del tiempo.

Entre golpe y golpe se van sellando destinos, se hacen los caminos predilectos, las trayectorias incorregibles.

Un grupito de casillas efímeras, se escapan entre los dedos a la vez que se juntan a un lado u otro de la balanza, según las inclinemos. Y no es si no hasta que hay una montaña que se hacen obvias, ineludibles... Y nuestra postura necesita, pues, de justificación.

sábado, mayo 27, 2017


En otro universo podía ser
donde no hay sombras extrañas que espantan la noche
donde el vacío es cálido y aceptable

quizás allí vieron las mismas luces
los mismos colores

y, si él necesitaba guía
ella pudo haberlo sido.

Pero en este mundo aún brincan
por el susurro del viento entre las hojas
aún en las noches agradables

y el vacío -
él no puede ver el vacío,
ella camina y baila con el vacío.

En otro universo podía ser
pero ahora, aquí...
sólo un sueño al cual renunciar.

domingo, abril 16, 2017

Tell me something about loneliness

mirando alrededor
incapaz de mediar palabra
incapaz de transmitir.

en las calles de Moscú, quizás,
una pequeña nevada
se ciñe sobre el alma
comiéndose el sonido y cubriendo todo
en la noche oscura y fría ya
más ahora

que no se ve
que no se oye
que no se siente

y aún, aún
incapaz de mediar palabra
incapaz de transmitir


thx for the challenge, E.

sábado, abril 15, 2017

Atemporality of Ignorance

fear, hope, expectation
a load from inception
hopefully to be put down soon
  often bursting in realization

When is Today, if
dreaming up the lottery numbers
may "pay off"

one day.

Where is Now if
gut clenched in fear
may signal unseen danger


What is mind if
life unaccounted for
anything may fit anything else

at some point.

chaos, uncertainty,
agnosis, hubirs.
Thus: Bayes.

The Sky

looking up
       the sky

sometimes cooperative
     full moon billions can see
certainly a few million looking up

others -- not so much:
       maybe stars half humanity share
or clouds
  at most shared by few, yet - how many looking up?

clouds - mist - loneliness in a valley
time curling up at your feet
   when you stumble, you know
      there's no one there to hold you.

miércoles, marzo 29, 2017


sitting in the corner
at the corner looking
white room
comfy, closed, cool
light comes from an unreachable place
unbreakable place
unswallowable place

at the corner looking
lines touch
always, the same touch
lines in the walls, lines in the corners.

white room
room full of corners
fool of corners
can't think of anything else

comfy, close, cool
but the pain calls for harm
the face inside calls for a face outside.

light comes from an unreachable place
has it not always
why does that confuse so
why is this unreachable different from everyday unreachable?

unbreakable place
can't break itself
can't be broken
but the fragments are strewn all over the head
the mind is broken
even though the skull isn't, can't be

unswallowable place
no choking
no cutting
no relief after so much light
no rest - ever
like forever it feels to be there
in this place

unswallowable place
unbreakable place
light comes from an unreachable place
comfy, closed, cool
white room
at the corner looking
sitting in the corner

domingo, marzo 26, 2017


I want to crash into you.

I may be but a speck of dust
yet like a black hole,
you pull so hard I can barely tell
there's another state of being
an alternative
to hurtling towards you.

Even though I see the ways things could pan out
it's thrilling to go, faster -
you pull so hard I can barely take it
I know if we were to collide
the crater
would be bigger than any in the moon.

I want to crash into you,
I ache to just make a hole the size of Siberia in your life
and mine - expanded, changed, transformed
if so far there's been change
I wonder
what it would be like
if I were to crash into you.

I want to crash into you
and your fields of thyme and paprika
lemon pepper and earth
fall from the sky into that reality
embrace it
get soaked in it
be changed.

I want it - you pull so hard
I want to crash into you.